Traveling..for school?

I have always been impressed with the number of opportunities I have had in my undergraduate years. This year I plan to take advantage of some of the great travel opportunities. I’ll be traveling to 3 different locations this fall and I’m really excited to go! (I’ve already traveled to Vancouver CAN, Portland OR, and Kansas City MO with UC)

This is my freshman English Class working with Habitat for Humanity

My Freshman English Class with Habitat for Humanity

The first is a trip to Montreal, this is a 4-5 day trip that is tied into an Entrepreneurship class offered through the honors program. This class allows students at UC and in Montreal to work co-operatively on projects. The students will also visit our class later in the fall.

The second trip is to Rutgers for 4-5 days. This trip is paid for by the Engineering Honorary Organization, Tau Beta Pi. I am the President of our campus chapter (OH-Beta). I’m really looking forward to spending time with other students from accross the nation.

The third (and most exciting) trip is to El Salvador. I will be going to El Salvador with a group of UC students from a group called Serve Beyond Cincinnati (SBC). We will be building housing similar to Habitat for Humanity in the U.S.
Who knew I’d have the chance to go all of these places?

There are other classes and groups that are going to India, Germany, Mexico and Kenya. I have friends co-oping in Germany and Japan right now!

If you are into traveling the world, the International Co-op Program at UC is truly the way to go. Even if you don’t join the program, the honors program has so many classes with travel components and often travel grants to go along with them. I’d be a crime if  didn’t mention one of the greatest student organzations on campus, Engineers Without Borders. They do some really great work overseas as well.

Bon Voyage!


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