Mid-quarter updates

Well, its been awhile since anyone has posted and I’ve got a break here on a weekend morning. Christmas break wasn’t much of a break for me as I pretty much worked every day it seemed. I did manage to find some relaxing time in between hanging out and chasing my four year old niece around. I pretty much didn’t really care for getting any gifts aside from what I needed. All in all it was nice to spend more than a weekend with my family, but classes were just around the corner.

But before classes could start there was one important thing to do to close out Fall quarter. Go to Miami for the Orange Bowl and New Years! If anything it got me off of work a few days earlier and I would get to go to Florida for the first time. I teamed up with four of  my engineering friends and a medical student and we set out on the 18+ hour drive to sun, sand, and oranges. The drive was pretty fun as we had plenty of interesting conversations along the way. Miami sure beats Cincinnati in January as spending the days on the beach is a lot better than cranking the heat up and watching TV. Going to the Atlantic was also another first for me and I had my first encounter with a coconut. It was pretty fun to open the whole thing up, and having fresh coconut on the beach, well you just can’t top that.100_06081

Although the ‘Cats lost the game (in rather ugly fashion) it didn’t take away    from the trip’s appeal. To save money our group went camping since we are all outdoors individuals and it allowed for more interactions among our group. Plus, $15 a night compared to $90-150 a great math choice for engineers and it leaves more money for food.

After getting back from the sandy beaches, two weeks later I made a trip to the white………,snowy and icy Mt. Washington in Conway, NH to do some mountain and ice climbing. Ironically, 5 of the 6 Miami trip members also went along and a few more Mountaineering Club members. Compared to Miami it was freaking cold, negative temps for a high and whiteout conditions at times. So once again our group was in a van for over 15 hours and we still had more interesting conversations. But this time there was a different mood, at least for me, as mountain climbing in winter in one of the world’s worst places is a wake up. Let’s just said the drives were fun but, when game time came we were all in the zone as we have to watch out for everyone. That’s the thrill or excitement of climbing to me, freezing your butt off, but volunteering to do it for the experience. For me Mt. Washington also is a state highpoint that I need and this kind made this trip special and helped refocus myself. But as great climbers say, the mountain will always be there, so this places the importance on safety. Everyone that made it up made down, but we did have some instances. But thanks to quick reaction by us experienced hikers/climbers nothing got out of hand. We left about 5am from the shelter house and returned about 3:30pm after reaching the summit at a little before noon (we were the first group to summit, I think 19 others had turned back). By that time there was about 8 inches of fresh powder in the parking lot and the vehicles had to be dug out. I also enjoyed putting on the camouflage, although not hunting hurt, and finding others who also had cammo on.



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