One down, two to go

Well, I’m home with the family back in Indiana and its nice to be back home and not have to worry about class and everything else associated with academic stress. Instead, I get to go out hunting and watch some movies and get decent sleep totals.

It finally ended last Friday and I won’t miss it at all. This past quarter was probably one of the most annoying quarters I’ve had in a while. Its no that my class were hard, but that some seemed to lack a focus. Senior design was kind of wasted time as we seemed to do the same project 3 different times. As much as I like discussing transportation projects and what not, doing three assignments on Alternative C for the Hopple Street interchange got to be annoying. And Pavement Design class, well let’s just say its over and I’ll hopefully never have that Prof ever again. Most of the time it seemed as though it went from Monday afternoon to Friday afternoon way too quickly. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but its somewhat nice to know what you did during the week.


There were some good and fun things that did occur. First off, we’re going to the Orange Bowl game and considering where UC football was when I was a freshman its really cool go to a BCS game. So I’ll get to spend my first New Years outside of Jasper, IN which is nice. Our EWB Kenya project is well laid out and they are starting many new projects in Africa. They have actually started construction on our water tanks this past week, which means I’ll be heading to Kenya in under three months. I also got to pick a “fun” class for the first time in my college career and I chose Rappelling. I see it as a way to help my mountaineering skills. We spent most of our time tying knots and rappelling off of a parking garage so it was pretty fun to be 40′-50′ dangling off the side of a building. What was really cool about the class is that us civilians were invited to Camp Atterbury in Indiana for a weekend training exercise. We got to do some rappelling, paint-balling, and gun shooting (without real ammo). It was really cool to be on a live military base and take part in some of their training exercises. Going to a military base really gives you a bigger sense of respect for our armed service members. I’m also excited in that I’ll get to do some mountain climbing in a few short weeks. Nothing like being on Mt Washington, NH in January. Its going to be cold, but tons of fun because I get to play with crampons and break in my new Raven Pro Ice Axe.

Pretty much my new focus going into the Winter quarter will be to spend enough time on my classes and organizational work and start a hardcore job searching task. Some will say I’m behind a bit, but I’ve got my ideal location and I know what I want to do. Otak is definitely at the top of my list and I’ve been in contact with them so that’s good. With the housing market in trouble the focus goes to infrastructure improves. Mostly roads and schools are focused on with federal funding. This definitely helps me because there’s going to be more money going into roads and transit which helps create construction jobs.


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