To Baltimore!

One thing that I haven’t touched on yet is the ability to go to professional conferences throughout the college experience. For me, the conferences I have gone to are for the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). I went to my first national conference in my sophmore year when SWE had their yearly meeting in Kansas City. Just a few weeks ago, I came back from yet another SWE national conference. This one was in Baltimore. Here is a picture of me and my other SWE friends at the conference:


So the obvious here, is the ability to travel. Often, the university will help find ways to pay for travel by car/bus, hotel stay and conference regisration. This makes attendance much more affordable. It is really fun to experience a new city with so many great people around you.

However, the true value of these conferences are many fold. I tend to enjoy all the sessions that are offered. These session may discuss leadership, team building, career success, or something as simple as figuring out what you want to do when you graduate. You have the opportunity to meet professionals from all accross the world and network with potential employers. This provides many tools for students as they move throughout their educational career and beyond. 

Baltimore was great. One of the most fun things I learned is how to find little nuggets about yourself that will help define the type of career you need. The women at the seminar asked us simply: “Name 3 things you wanted to be when you grew up as a child.”

For her, these were 

1. Astronaut

2. Veterinarian

3. Ballerina

But she realized that she didn’t actually want to be any of these in reality. So what we can take from it is that she wanted to be a astronaut because they were on the forefront of discovery, a veternarian because of her compassion, and a ballerina because she loves attention. Today, she is an HR manager for a highly technical company. It is a fun exercise for you to try sometime. Of course there was more to the session, but this is a good start!

Hope you enjoyed thanksgiving!


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