Fall Quarter

I have been a student at this fine institution for almost 5 years now. And do you know what my favorite part of the whole experience is? FALL QUARTER! It’s the combination of new freshmen learning what college is about, football games, the gorgeous leaves that can be seen in the Midwest, and (of course) a new school year. There is just some aura that surrounds fall quarter and makes it my favorite.

This year it is excellent because it’s my last fall quarter! I am officially a senior and will be free of this place by this time next year. I will join the ranks of working engineers and finally put all of my knowledge to good use (other than taking tests).

I am a lucky senior. I have already accepted a full-time position at my co-op job (also my dream job). So I get to spend senior year focusing on classes and enjoying the college experience. I have no stress over my job after graduation and that is amazing! I am certainly not alone in this confidence. But there are definitely more seniors looking for a job than those who already have one.


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