I’m back

I finally made back into the Nati on Friday after being home for two weeks in Indiana. CO-OP went very well this year again. I had some fun and interesting experiences this summer while in Washington state. The weather wasn’t as good as it was last year, but it was better than what the Midwest had all summer. The big item of my CO-OP of course was the forest projects and when I left they were submitting fine reports to the DNR of our findings and suggestions. From my previous posts you can tell the project was very interesting in many degrees, but what doesn’t kill you (CSF tried) makes you stronger.

My parents came out for vacation and bring me home the first week of September. It was nice, I took them up to Mt Rainier, although I wasn’t climbing this year (unforuntately). We spent 3 days up there and even got some snow the first day. I wished the weather would have been a bit warmer (it was mid to upper 40s) and clearer, but the Mountain rules the weather. I did manage to hike up to about 7,000ft with a broken toe. It was nice to explore the park instead of going to the top, the surrounding forests had plenty to see. The mountain seemed to be a bit bigger this year than last year, which was weird. The snow levels were out of the normal, on my hike snow was in places that were bare last year. The view was still the same, amazing. My dad looked up at the top and said “you climbed all the way up there?” It was only 9,000ft up and then down.

After returning from the Mountain we spent a few days in Seattle seeing things we didn’t see last year. Boeing’s Museum of Flight was pretty cool. The zoo, well Cincinnati’s zoo definitely dominated Seattle’s. The plane rides home were nice, we got to sit in the same row next to each other.

While at home for a few days I pretty much went fishing everyday (I need food for college), went dove hunting and actually got one (first time dove hunting in about eight years), and hung out with the dog at home. I managed to do some engineering recruiting at my high school to get younger students interested in engineering. I also spent a few days working on the farm, and then fishing later. With the wind storm last week my grandpa, uncle, and myself spent about eight hours picking up sticks and cleaning up a pretty big oak tree that fell over.

Its nice to return to campus and get the new year started. I’m excited about finally being a Senior, but at the same time the light at the end of the tunnel is somewhat beginning to come into view. Getting back also means my to do list is getting bigger. But its nice to have a list of things to keep busy with. Most of my tasks are related to EA right now and I’m excited about the new EA year. An addition to my coming back means I get to see my friends for the first time in six months. With many of us all across the country and world we didn’t get to talk much except for emails and Facebook items. It’ll be interesting to see how all of us have changed over our CO-OP time.

I can add an EWB update as well. The group I’m in is finishing up our operations manual and it looks like we’ll be heading over during Christmas break to implement the system. So although things didn’t quite go as planned of the summer, its nice to have a new focus. I’m also interested in meeting face-to-face for meetings instead of my Skpye or email. A lot more gets done face-to-face than face-to-email.

Well, back to the to do list.


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