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Aside from my work update, I’d figure I’ll share a little about what else is going on for me right now. I’ve been in Seattle for about 2 1/2 months and time has gone by very quickly. This feeling is mostly because of how much extracurricular tasks I’ve been doing. From EWB to EA my free time is spent mostly getting update and helping along in projects. However, my newest task has been getting familiar with my new computer and learning about Microsoft Vista. So far Vista has been pretty easy to get along with, I pimped my computer out so it would have an easy time with all the graphics Vista uses.

As for the Engineers Without Borders project I’ve been working on, well our implementation trip got postponed due to funding. So if you’ve got an extra $10,000-$12,000 lying around let me know. Our project was named June’s Project of the Month from EWB-USA so that’s an honor for us. I’m hopeful we get to go sometime in August before school starts up. The current status is that we’re ready to give our contractor the nod to order materials and start construction of the tanks (very exciting for me). In the mean time we’ve all been very busy working on operations manuals and specifications to make sure every group is getting to the same point before we head over. I think the next two weeks will be very busy updating files and assembling documents. The village is also very eager for us to arrive and build their water system for them. This past raining season was not very good for them as they did not get the rain and their food crop suffered badly. This has also created famine in the village, so the sooner the better. Seeing how this is the first chance many of us have had at applying skills we’ve learned on COOP or in the classroom, we’re all very eager to get the construction portion rolling. At the same time we will begin to get those other mixed feelings that construction brings.

And on to Engineering Ambassadors, well I’ve got a lot more on my plate now that I’m the new President (as of mid May). Being on the other side of the country does make things difficult, but my stand in VP at UC is doing a great job so far. I’m always in the loop and our veteran members know what it takes to keep things rolling. To be honest, its kind of cool to have started as a freshman and then finally progressing to President as a Senior. I never would have thought about that my freshman year, but as I’ve matured in the CoE I continue to see my duty as to offer my wisdom and knowledge about the CoE to our prospective students. Each EA has their own story(s) to tell and that’s what families and students really enjoy hearing. You can give them all the ratings and class schedules you want, but they ultimately enjoy hearing about our COOPs and outside activities. I’ve been very lucky to have worked in North Carolina and Seattle and many other engineering schools can’t offer that to students as a guaranteed opportunity choose from. But, ultimately our COOPs are about letting us individually learn about something we have a desire for. For me finally working in a field that I’ve been waiting for since I was 6 is the greatest gift COOP at UC has offered me. You can learn all you want from a textbook, but its how you perform in the field that gets noticed. So if we go back to sports, practice is like COOP and your career is that big game. Practice hard and surround yourself in a winning environment and you are set for creating a personal dynasty.

And now a short Senior moment, it is beginning to hit me at the magnitude of what my college experience has created for me. In a little under a year, if all goes as well I well become the second person in my family to graduate from UC’s College of Engineering. I will be joining my grandpa, Mike Vogt, Sr. over fifty years after he graduated as Vogt Bearcats. Not too bad for a hick from southern Indiana.


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