Coop perk update and Friday the 13th

Okay, so it sounded like a great opportunity, spending June hiking and biking for work. June is usually the start of nice sunny and relatively cool temperatures in the Pacific Northwest. Well, in two weeks so far of working in Capitol State Forest, we’ve had two nice days and those came the last two days we were there. I will say the treat on 6/12 was nice. We were planning to just hike the day and when we got to a trail crossing we had a great view of the valley and Mt Rainier. Mount Rainier (14,411ft) is a bit special to me because I climbed it last summer so seeing it kind of lifted the spirits.

The other days consisted of cold, wet, miserable rain for most of the day. Its kind of hard to cover a lot of ground when the trails are like puddings and our GPS device, Gilbert, does not like the weather either. I’m not going to complain about being cold and wet, I’ve endured it many times in my life, but when its the same thing day after day it wears on you. Not too mention it has totally destroyed our scheduling, I think we’ve manged to get a little over half of the trails and most of the facilities done in two weeks. It was only supposed to take us eight work days. We are moving on to the other forest this week (Tahuya State Forest).

My co-worker and I have come to the conclusion that Capitol State Forest is cursed, at least to us. Aside from the bad weather we/I had a Friday the 13th encounter. Now most people would take a flat tire as being nothing to big, just an inconvenience of sorts. But what about two flat tires in the span of about and hour?

Here’s the quick notes version. We came to a road closure and I had just turned the vehicle around when I finally got tired of seeing this light on the dashboard. So we looked it up and when I say our back tire was flat I thought okay, no biggie I’ll just change it and we’ll be on our way. After the change I started driving and the light was still on, maybe the tire just needed to be warmed up. But after a mile or two I let the wheel go and it turned right. I had the passenger get out and look. She didn’t say anything and I thought, you have got to be kidding. Sure, enough it was flat, so I drove us to a clearing and called the rental place to setup a tow. They called about 20min later saying the two wouldn’t come into the park and we had to find a way to get out. It was about 10-15miles on logging roads to the nearest exit. So I said okay we’ll drive out (but in a much less censored wording) and call for pickup. We made it, the tire, well its being recycled right now.

So in a nut shell, Capitol State Forest is cursed for Otak and always get the full insurance on rental cars because then you can drive 10-15miles on a flat tire and not worry about paying for it. And definitely stay away from it on Friday the 13th. I/we can’t wait to get to Tahuya this Monday and maybe Capitol will burn down or something else will happen before we have to return. So everyone who has nice warm, sunny weather please send it towards Belfair, Washington for the next two weeks.


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