Freshman Opportunities!

I thought that as a freshman I would be doing nothing but required classes… I imagined that I would have to wait several years to actually jump into engineering and do anything exciting…

Was I ever wrong!

So far this year I have had the opportunity to go to California for an engineering competition, I have been accepted into a research program, I have been able to be involved in executive positions in a organizations, and I have had some very, very interesting classroom and lab experiences!

Starting in reverse order:

I am in many various honors classes, and the honors chemistry lab has had some particularly interesting experiments. For example, I recently collected water samples from the Ohio river and a lake near my house (Grand Lake St. Mary’s). We then turned them in to be analyzed by a several hundred-thousand dollar octopole mass spectrometer. The results showed the distribution of elements within the water samples.
Last quarter we were able to design our own crystal growth experiment, too.
I had imagined that I would not be able to be involved in an executive position until later in my college career as well, but I was wrong in that area as well. I have had the opportunity to serve as secretary of Engineering Tribunal, the major student engineering body on campus, and I have been elected to positions in Engineering Tribunal and Engineering Ambassadors for next year. There have been opportunities to get involved and develop leadership skills. The opportunities are out there, they simply need to be sought after.

I am very excited for this upcoming summer. I will be participating in a Research Experience for

Undergraduates (REU) in membrane science at the University of Cincinnati. It is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and it is a multidisciplinary program. I want to eventually have a career in research, so being about get involved this early is amazing. It will also help my career and be a great time in general. I will probably have more blog entries on this subject in the near future.

My most recent topic of interest was my trip to California last week. I am a member of the Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (SAMPE), and I worked with them on making a 2-foot bridge out of foam and carbon-fiber. We worked on it for the past several weeks after a planning period of a couple months. The testing was conducted at the national conference which happened to be in Long Beach, California this year. There was enough money to send the three people who were heavily involved in the project, so I was able to go for free. We all learned a lot about materials and materials construction. We also were able to sit in on some of the technical presentations. It was a very worthwhile trip. (And hey, I got to go to California and go the beach!).

To make a long story short… my freshman year has been a lot more interesting than I had anticipated! It is amazing what can happen if one simply tries to be involved!


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