Antsy senior post

Well, if there’s anything worse for the blog than Week 10, it must be exam week. I got really lucky this quarter. Historically, I’ve been stuck every quarter with a Thursday or Friday exam, which means no relaxing for the whole week. This time around (perhaps as a little pat on the back for putting up with all those previous exam weeks?) all of my finals (a whopping total of 3) were scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. Yup– I just have one left!

After the biochemistry final tomorrow night, I am going to start packing. Three years of co-oping out of town have had a couple of effects: one, I’m really good at packing; and two, I have a bunch of stuff sitting at my parents’ house that I dropped off there at regular intervals over the past four or five years and never touched again. My parents live about 30 miles north of UC, so I’m going to spend some of my week up there sorting things into Goodwill piles and whatnot. It is the antithesis of fun, but it will feel really good to clean up all of the old clothes and books.

Commencement is on Saturday. UC has two ceremonies– half of the colleges graduate in the morning, and the other half in the afternoon. Fortune strikes again– the College of Engineering is in the afternoon, which means we don’t have to be on campus at 8am to line up!

And on Sunday (that’s right, the day after graduation) I’m driving a little moving truck up to Cleveland. It’s a pretty quick turnaround time, but usually when I’ve gone from school to co-op (or the other way), I’ve packed one day and moved the next day, so I’m just glad I have most of this week to prepare.

I’m so antsy!


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