A short break from studying Calculus..

I’ve been studying for my calculus exam all day and I think it is time for some old-fashioned procrastination. I’d like to talk about living in the dorms. I’ve lived in Calhoun dorm my entire freshman year. This is where most of the engineering boys live because there are 3 floors designated only for engineering majors. Siddall hall has engineering floors for girls.

Calhoun is set up in the double room style. Siddall is the same way. You share a room with one other person. There is one bathroom per floor with 8 showers, 8 sinks, and 4 toilets. Each floor also has a kitchen and a lounge. Living in the dorms has definitely been a positive experience for me. It is a great opportunity to meet people. Many of my closest friends live on my floor only a few doors to the right or left of mine. It also makes for a motivating work environment. When everyone around you is studying for exams it is a lot harder to become distracted than if you are at home with family.

The 13th floor of Calhoun has been converted to a large studying area. It has several small rooms and one very large room. This makes it easy to find a place for study groups to meet (and you don’t even have to leave home!). Like everything, dorm life has a few downfalls as well. I always had a room to myself growing up so when I came to college it was a huge adjustment to learn to share a space with someone. It also did not help that I was not with another engineering major. Living with a criminal justice major has been very challenging because she generally has several people in the room or the television on.

I suggest if you plan on living in the dorm, to be straightforward with setting rules for quiet hours and study hours when you make your roommate agreement. It is much easier to lift a rule after you’ve set it into place than to try to make a new rule after you’ve been living together. Many people dread sharing a bathroom with so many other people. I haven’t had any problem with this, though. I’ve never had to wait for a sink or shower. I was also lucky enough to get the room next to the bathroom entrance as well, so that helps.

Overall, living in the dorms is not as bad as you may think. Try to get on an engineering floor and hope for a good roommate.

Back to studying for my Calculus exam..


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