Why I Love UC

Hello all,

My name is Shari and I am a 4th year Aerospace Engineer who is patiently counting down the days till co-op. I have one of the most fun and tough co-op jobs there are. I work at Comair Airlines out of CVG (Cincinnati’s airport). I write repairs for the mechanics to complete on the aircraft. In the summer and winter you can often find me somewhere on the tarmac waiting for aircrafts to land to get them back in the air before anyone takes a delay. I absolutely love it and UC lets me do it.

The next reason I love UC is the atmosphere. When I walk around campus there is always something going on and things to do. (You can usually find free food too : ) ) But even better than that are the people. Some of the coolest people I know are really nothing like me, but we all have a genuine love of UC to share. Even the professors that I have speak to me outside of class about everything. When they talk to me outside of class, I always want to go study for their course. It really helps build the relationship you have with them and it makes it easier to go ask for help when it is needed.

The next reason and probably my favorite is UC athletics. I will do whatever it takes to make sure I get to as many Bearcat games that I can. Football and basketball are my favorites. The atmosphere at the games is amazing. Bearcat fans are some of the best. The noise level in Nippert Stadium can be heard from the opposite side of campus when we are playing. It is such a rush to really be there. When you come to UC, the first Saturday they play at home, you have to be there. You can find me in the front row, right behind the goal post.

I am Shari and I’m signing off.



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