You might be an engineer if…

I got a funny email that I thought would be interesting to share. It was entitled “You may be an engineer if…” Although it is too long to post the entire thing here, I’ve picked out a few points to talk about.

  1. You have no life- and you can prove it mathematically.
  2. If it is sunny and 70 degrees outside, and you are working on a computer.
  3. If you always do homework on Friday nights
  4. If when you look in a mirror, you see a engineering major.

I’m not going to lie, engineering is hard work. Often times you have to study when non-engineering majors are socializing. However, being in engineering does not mean that you can’t also have a life. I’m actively involved in several student organizations outside of engineering. Many of my friends are not in engineering and I frequently spend time with them going to sporting events, events on campus, or catching dinner and a movie. If you manage your time wisely, there is no reason you can’t do well in engineering and have a life too. Another common misconception of engineers is that we all have horrible style. Although we can’t compete with the clothing choices of some of the art students (where do they come up with those styles?), engineering students are definitely NOT all Steve Urkle look a likes.

Most of the courses I’ve taken this year do not have a true midterm and final. Almost every class has several quizzes, 2 or 3 tests, and a final. This quarter in calculus my professor, Dr. Sontag, even drops our lowest exam and our lowest quiz. This quarter I’ve been really lucky. My exams have all fallen on opposite weeks. This means I haven’t had more than one exam in one week so I’ve had more time to study for each test. The downfall to this is that I’ve had an exam almost every week. However, I’ve scored exceptionally higher on exams this quarter than I have in past quarters and I think it is largely in part to the fact that I’m not stretching myself too thin. Speaking of exams, I have a Mechanics exam coming up so I should probably go study.


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