This is a study break. Repeat: this is a study break.

I need to get away from biochemistry for a few minutes (midterm is tonight), so I thought I’d take a minute to post on here about living in Clifton.

Now, I’m from kind of around here (about 30 miles north of Cincinnati), but I had never spent any time in Clifton (which is the University neighborhood) until I came to UC.  After co-oping out of town and living in all sorts of different neighborhoods, I’ve really come to appreciate what we have here.

All around the University is densely packed with a few different mini-neighborhoods, residences, and stores.  Over on McMillan and Calhoun (which are parallel one-way streets on the south side of the University) there’s a huge student apartment complex (University Park Apts) as well as smaller apartment buildings, a few houses, and some apartments over storefronts.  I’ve never lived over there, but if I did I would get fat.  Why?  That’s where all the good eats are!  There’s your standard Panera, Chipotle, Starbucks, etc., but more importantly, there are unique and fantastic places to eat.  There’s Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, and Greek restaurants– King Wok has terrific egg drop soup, and if I go to Chicago Gyro I don’t have to eat again for about 36 hours.  Myra’s Dionysus (another Mediterranean place) is super-cheap and really tasty, too.  There’s also Mac’s (a pizza pub), Christy’s & Lenhardt’s (a biergarten, German restaurant, and rathskellar combined)… I could go on and on.  There are also non-food-related things over there, like non-UC-affiliated bookstores, art supplies, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, etc.

Another sub-neighborhood is the Short Vine area, directly east of UC.  This area is a bit sketchier, to be honest, but it contains many things necessary for survival:  Kroger (chain grocery store), Blockbuster, LaRosa’s (local pizza/Italian chain), the post office, and a couple of popular bars (although don’t go to Martino’s during football season; it’s full of Steelers fans).  There’s lots of housing around here too, and it’s relatively inexpensive compared to other areas around campus.

Finally, my favorite neighborhood:  the Gaslight.  It’s about a mile north of the University, on the other end of Burnet Woods (a huge park full of trees… very nice to have in the middle of the city!).  The Gaslight is just far away enough from the University that it could stand on its own as a neighborhood.  It has a loSkylinet of historic old houses and a wide variety of apartment buildings.  The best part of the neighborhood is Ludlow Avenue, which is full of shops and restaurants.  There’s the Esquire, Cincinnati’s primary independent movie theater, as well as several other Cincinnati favorites:  Skyline (see photo), Servatti’s bakery, and Graeter’s ice cream.  There are plenty of ethnic food opportunities (Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Indian, Mediterranean) as well as the Proud Rooster, a traditional diner, and a couple of really nice places that I have tried, in vain, to get my parents to take me to.  Oh, and there’s Sitwell’s coffee shop, which is a very cool place, although it makes me feel very enginerd to go in there with all the artsy types and their crazy hair.  I lived in this area once (actually, right above Sitwell’s) and it’s absolutely fantastic.  There’s also a grocery store right smack in the middle of the neighborhood… a good trade-off for living a little further from campus.

I have left out a ton of fun and exciting things about all of these neighborhoods, but I really need to get back to biochemistry.  This is unfortunate, because I am now also very hungry.


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