Busy Busy Busy

It’s definitely busy around here nowadays. Yes schoolwork and midterms are driving me crazy, but I have lots of other things going on too. First of all, today I had a progress meeting with the DAP (Dual admissions Program)advisor to make sure I was still doing well. This goes out to all of the prospective Biomedical Engineering Majors, if you plan to be pre-med, check out the Dual Admissions Program here at UC. Once accepted into it, it guarantees you a spot in the University of Cincinnati’s College of Medicine as long as some minimum requirements are met. Believe me, these requirements are much lower than students who have to apply the normal way. This program also present several opportunites unavailable to most other students, like Physician shadowing or research.

More of fun stuff though– I’m going to Kings Island tomorrow. Living half an hour away from a theme park has its perks :D. Hopefully the rain will hold off for at least one day.

Also, on Sunday some of the members of the UC Martial Arts Club (including myself) are getting together to create a demo video. The club focus primarily on Taekwondo, but many members have a background in a different martial art. Its really fun, and a great stress reliever, and guess who did not gain the freshman 15! Our instructor is leaving next week for China for the 2008 Olympics, and he is going to train with the Korean olympic team. The news record just did a spotlight on this called “Kicking It Olympic Style.”

Next weekend I am volunteering at a Pet Health fair. I’m volunteering Saturday and Sunday. It should be fun and will be helpful in finishing off my service hours. Some other things I have done to volunteer preciously include volunteering at the Children’s Theater for the play “Charlie and the Chocolate factory”, going to relay for life, helping out with the girl scouts (free cookies are a good thing!), Relay for Life, and a Society of Women Engineers Outreach event called Blood and Guts!


2 Responses to “Busy Busy Busy”

  1. 1 Emily H
    May 10, 2008 at 10:39 am

    As someone who applied to medical school the hard way (i.e. didn’t go the dual-admissions route), I totally agree! It is the way to go if you even think you might want to go to med school in the future.

    (Although I must also add that there are ample opportunities to participate in research regardless of entry into the DAP. At UC there’s WISE for women in science & engineering and REU for undergraduates and research co-op; and students can always apply to programs at other schools to do research during the summer after freshman year… Someone should probably write a blog post about research!)

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