say it with flowers :-)

As a business project for Econ101, my friend Patrice and I decided to make cards and sell them. We really had no idea where to start… I mean questions like why people should buy our cards, what kind of cards we should sell came popping in our heads. I started making “Mother’s Day” cards, drawing a picture of mum with four hands doing four different activities…( I didn’t draw the face—because I wanted the buyer to paste their mother’s picture so that way it could be personalized)… Anyway, I guess it was a bad idea because I was spending almost 45 minutes on one card… So I decided to make some cards with various flower patterns pasted on it! It looks really colorful and pretty and till now, I have not repeated any of my ideas and I am hoping people will like that!

We infact tried selling them in the African American Research and Culture Centre and we sold twelve cards in five minutes so right now I am really excited and looking forward to sell more on Market Day, which by the way is on the 23rd and 31st of May at McMickens Common. I am also thinking of getting it to the Engineering Ambassador meeting to see if anyone would be interested to buy them.

The best part about this project (apart from the money) is that I am enjoying making these cards. I always loved sketching and art work and I am glad I took this class because I am getting to do something I always wanted to do ( also the fact that people are appreciating my work is really motivating ) plus we have to write a business report at the end of what we did, why we did and stuff like that. I think this is a really good way for us to learn how to start a business, what things we should keep in mind and how to go about it.

Anyway, I think I will get back to making more cards. 🙂


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